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Yttrium zirconium oxide CAS 64417-98-7

Assay: 99-99.5%

Appearance: White powder


Sample: Available

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Yttrium zirconium oxide

Yttrium zirconium oxide quick Details

Chemical Name: Yttrium zirconium oxide 

CAS No: 64417-98-7

Molecular Formula: O5Y2Zr

Molecular Weight:349.03

Molecular Structure: Yttrium zirconium oxide CAS 64417-98-7

Appearance: White powder

Assay: 99-99.5%


Yttrium zirconium oxide typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White powder
  Yttrium zirconium oxide 99-99.5%


Yttrium zirconium oxide Usage

 Mainly used for manufacturing microwave magnetic materials and important military materials (single crystal; composite oxides such as yttrium iron garnet and yttrium aluminum garnet), also used as optical glass, ceramic material additives, and high-brightness phosphors for large-screen TVs And other picture tube coatings.


Yttrium zirconium oxide Packaging


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