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Wollastonite cas 13983-17-0

Chemical Name: Calcium silicate

CAS No.: 13983-17-0

Molecular Fomula: CaO3Si

Molecular weight:116.16

Appearance:White fine plate crystal

Assay: Cao 40%min ,Sio2 50%min





Wollastonite Quick Details

Chemical Name: Wollastonite; Calcium metasilicate

CAS No.:13983-17-0

Molecular Fomula: CaO3Si

Molecular weight:116.16

Chemical Structure:Calcium silicate Structure

Appearance:White fine plate crystal

Assay: Cao 40%min ,Sio2 50%min

Wollastonite Typical Properties

Item Standard Results Method
Cao ≧40% 42.35% Titration
Sio2 ≧50% 50.38% Titration
Mgo ≦3.0% 2.47% Titration
Fe2O3 ≦0.1% 0.1% Titration
Al2O3 ≦1% 0.66% Titration
LO1 ≦4% 3.62 1000/h
Physical property
Whiteness 90±2% 91% ISO Whiteness meter
Ratio of length to diameter / 4:1 Microscopic observation
Density of loose fitting ≦0.30 g/cm² 0.290 g/cm² BT-300 Bulk density meter
Vibratory density / / BT-300 Vibratory density Meter
Water content ≦0.2% 0.12% 105/2h
Oil absorption value / / Titration
Mesh size 200 mesh ( 97% Rate of passing )

Wollastonite Usage

1. This product can be used as a body pigment and extender in the coating industry. Because it can increase the bright color of white paint, and can maintain this color tone for a long time.

2. The needle crystal of this product makes it a good safe agent for coatings and can improve the leveling of the coating.

3. The particle shape of the product makes it a good suspending agent for the coating, making the precipitation of the paint soft and easy to disperse. It can be used as a reinforcing agent in self-cleaning coatings.

4. This product is very alkaline, very suitable for polyvinyl acetate coating, so that the color pigment dispersion is uniform. Wollastonite also has improved corrosion resistance of metallic paints. In addition to waterborne coatings, it can also be used in primers, intermediate coatings, oil coatings, road marking coatings, etc., and can replace asbestos in asphalt coatings. It can partially replace titanium dioxide in latex paint without reducing whiteness and hiding power.

5. This product can also be used in metallurgy, ceramics, welding electrodes, plastics, rubber and other industries.

Wollastonite Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg bag or drum ,1000kg bag

Delivery: by air ,by sea ,by courier

Wollastonite Storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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