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Vitamin D3 CAS 67-97-0

Chemical name: Vitamin D3

Assay: 100000IU~40MIU

Appearance: Off-white to yellowish particles

Capacity: 1tons/month

Packaging: 10g~1000g/bag, 25kg/drum

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Vitamin D3 Quick Details

Chemical Name: Vitamin D3

CAS No.: 67-97-0

Molecular Formula: C27H44O

Vitamin D3 Structure:Vitamin D3 Structure

Molecular weight: 384.64

Appearance: Off-white to yellowish particles

Assay: 100000~40000000 IU

Vitamin D3typical Properties

Item Standard Results
Odor Odorless Complies
Appearance Off-white to yellowish particles Off-white particles
Identification EP9.0 Complies
Peroxide 20.0meq/kg max 0.05meq/kg
Solubility Practically insoluble in water. It is easily dispersed in water and form opaque solution Complies
Particle Size Min 95% through sieve 80 mesh 97.5% through sieve 80 mesh
Loss on drying 6.00% max 3.0%
Content 1000.0~110.0% 100,000~110,000IU/g 106.0% 106,000IU/g
As 1PPM MAX Complies
Pb 2PPM MAX Complies
Heavy Metal(Pb) 20PPM MAX Complies
Total plate count 1000cfu/g max Complies
Yeast and mould 100cfu/g max Complies
E.coli Negative Complies
Salmonella Negative Complies
Staphylococcus Negative Complies

Vitamin D3 Usage

1. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. There are more than a dozen compounds known to have a vitamin D effect, and no steroidal derivatives, of which vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are of great practical significance.

2. The world is dominated by D3, and the “international standard substance” of vitamin D is also the pure crystal of D3. The main function of vitamin D is the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, which is difficult to promote calcium and phosphorus absorption and bone calcification.

3. When the human body lacks D, the ability to absorb calcium and phosphorus is reduced, and the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood are lowered, so that calcium and phosphorus cannot be deposited in the bone tissue, and even the bone salt is dissolved, which hinders the calcification of the bone. If a child is deficient, he or she will get sick. In adults, she will get bone softening.

4. In Japan, the production and use of D2 is much. Among various requirements, medicine accounts for 30%, feed additives account for 65%, and food additives account for 5%. According to the “Sanitary Standards for the Use of Food Nutrition Enhancers (1993)” promulgated by the Ministry of Health of China, D2 and D3 as nutritional supplements can be used for liquid milk, margarine, dairy products and infant foods.

Vitamin D3 Packaging and Shipping

Packaging Details: 200kg/drum

Port: Shanghai or another China port

Vitamin D3 Storage

This product is transported according to general chemical products, pay attention to rain, moisture, and store in dry and ventilated place.

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