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Thymolphthalein CAS 125-20-2

Appearance: White crystalline

Molecular Formula: C28H30O4

Package: 25kg fiber drum

Sample:  Available

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Thymolphthalein Product Information

CAS No: 125-20-2

Molecular Formula:C28H30O4

Molecular Weight:430.54

Molecular Structure:  Thymolphthalein CAS 125-20-2


Thymolphthalein Specification

Item Specifications
Appearance White crystalline
PH 9.3-10.5 9.3(colourless)-10.5(blue)
Melting point 251.0-255.0℃
Ethanol Dissolution /
sodium hydroxide Dissolution /
Residue on Ignition(as sulfate) ≤0.1%


Thymolphthalein Usage

Thymolphthalein is sed as acid-base indicator, reagent for blood test, chromatographic analysis.

Thymolphthalein Package

Regular package: 25kg fiber drum.

Thymolphthalein Storage

Keep in in a cool and dry warehouse inside. Away from fire and heat.

Handle with care, and maintain the integrity of the packaging.

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