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Tetradecane CAS 629-59-4

Products name: Tetradecane

Other Name: N-Tetradecane

CAS: 629-59-4

Molecular formula: C14H30




Products name: Tetradecane

CAS: 629-59-4

Molecular formula: C14H30


The uses of n-tetradecane mainly include organic synthesis, solvents, standard hydrocarbons, and applications in multiple industrial fields.

First, it is widely used in organic synthesis as an important chemical raw material. In addition, n-tetradecane is also used as a solvent and standard hydrocarbon, which reflects its importance in the chemical industry. In terms of specific applications, n-tetradecane can be used to produce cosmetics such as moisturizers and shampoos, as well as industrial products such as lubricants,

rubber and plastics. It is also used to make pesticides, medicines and printing inks, etc., showing the wide range of its application fields.

Item Standard Specifications Test results
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Colorless transparent liquid
C14 content (w/%) ≥98% 99.2%
Density(20℃)(Kg/m3) Actual measurement 755
Flash point (closed) (℃) ≥95 110
Aromatic hydrocarbon content (w/%) ≤0.2 0.001
Sulfur content mg/kg ≤2 <1


In 200kg/drum, 750kg/IBC drum


This product is non-dangerous and stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area.

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