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tetrachloroethylene cas 127-18-4

Appearance:Transparent Liquid, Without Suspended And Emulsification Material

Assay: 99.5%

Packing: 300KG/DRUM 24MT FCL

Capacity: 100000MT/year

Sample: Available



Tetrachloroethylene Quick Details

Chemical Name: Tetrachloroethylene
CAS No.: 127-18-4
Molecular Fomula: 127-18-4

Chemical Structure:Tetrachloroethylene Structure

Molecular weight:165.83

Appearance:Transparent Liquid, Without Suspended And Emulsification Material


Tetrachloroethylene Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Transparent Liquid, Without Suspended And Emulsification Material
Purity 99.9%Min
Color, Pt-Co 15.0max
Density(20℃G/Cm3) 1.615-1.625
Moisture(%) 0.00025max
Residue Smell None
Ph 8-10
Alkalinity(%,NaOH) 0.03max
Evaporation Residue(%) 0.0050max
Stability Test(Copper Corrosion Quantity, G/Cm3) 0.50max

Tetrachloroethylene Usage

1. Industrial tetrachloroethylene is mainly used as solvent, organic synthesis, metal surface cleaner and dry cleaning agent, desulfurizer, heat transfer medium.

2. Medical use as an anthelmintic. Also an intermediate for trichloroethylene and fluoroorganic compounds

3. Tetrachloroethylene has good solubility in many inorganic and organic compounds, such as sulfur, iodine, mercuric chloride, aluminum trichloride, fat, rubber and resin. This solubility is widely used as a metal degreasing cleaner. , paint remover, dry cleaning agent, rubber solvent, ink solvent, liquid soap, high-grade fur and feather degreasing; tetrachloroethylene is also used as an insect repellent (hookworm and ginger worm) medicine; textile processing finishing agent.

Tetrachloroethylene Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 300KG/DRUM 24MT FCL

Delivery: 3-5 DAYS

Tetrachloroethylene Storage

The product must be stored cool and dry in tightly sealed container or tank. Storage tanks must be drained at regular intervals, washed out and inspected.

Tanks that have been washed out must be refilled only when they are completely dry.

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