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Tauroursodeoxycholic acid CAS 14605-22-2


Appearance: Off-white powder,strong hygroscopicity

Packaging: Aluminum Foil bag,Cardboard bucket

Sample: available


Tauroursodeoxycholic acid

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid quick Details

Product Name: Tauroursodeoxycholic acid
MF: C26H45NO6S
MW: 499.7
EINECS: 1308068-626-2
Chemical structure: Tauroursodeoxycholic acid CAS 14605-22-2
Melting point 173-175°C
Density 1.216±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
storage temp. +15C to +30C

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid Specifications

Item Specifications
Appearance Off-white powder,strong hygroscopicity
Purity ≥98%
Moisture ≤5%
Heavy metal ﹤10ppm
Water soluble Colorless clear solution
PH (1% water solution) Significantly acidic
Identification (Infrared) Same as the reference substance

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid Usage

1.Taurine deoxycholic acid is a natural bile acid isolated from bear bile. It is a chemical preparation. It is a hydrophilic cholic acid and a cholesterol stone dissolving agent. It can reduce the secretion of cholesterol in liver, reduce the saturation of cholesterol in bile, promote the secretion of bile acid, increase the solubility of cholesterol in bile, dissolve cholesterol stones or prevent the formation of stones. It can increase the amount of bile secretion and relax the sphincter of bile duct to produce cholinergic effect, which is beneficial to the excretion of stones. This product can not dissolve other types of gallstones. It is suitable for the treatment of cholesterol stones, hyperlipidemia, bile secretion disorders, primary biliary cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, bile reflux gastritis and prevention of acute。
2.Biochemical research; lipase accelerator; anion remover for protein dissolution; preparation of bacterial medium (intestinal bacterial culture and isolation)

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid Packaging

Aluminum Foil bag,Cardboard bucket , Net weight: 1kg/bag,20kg/drum,25kg/drum

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid Storage

Storage conditions: To be stored in Cool, dry and ventilated location and protected from light.

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