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Stearoyl Benzoyl Methane Cas 58446-52-9

Assay: 70%min, 97%min

Appearance: White Or Light White Crystal Powder

Capacity: 5000MT/Year

Packaging: 25kg cartoon

Sample: available

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Stearoyl benzoyl methane

Stearoyl benzoyl methane Quick Details

Products name: Stearoyl benzoyl methane

CAS: 58446-52-9

Molecular formula: C26H42O2

Molecular weight: 386.61

Chemical Structure:Stearoyl benzoyl methane Structure

Appearance: White Or Light White Crystal Powder

Stearoyl benzoyl methane Typical Properties


Item Standard Result(%)
APPEARANCE White Or Light White Crystal Powder confirmed
PURITY ≥97% 98.1%
 MELTING POINT: ≥56℃ 56.3-59.3
 ASH CONTENT: 0.2% max 0.07
HEAT LOSS: (120℃,1hr) 0.2max 0.09


Item Standard Result
Appearance Slightly yellow fine powder
Assay ≥70.0% 79.91%
Melting point(℃) ≥53 53.1-62.3
Volatiles content ≤0.05% 0.01%
Aldehyde Content ≤0.3% 0.07%

Stearoyl benzoyl methane Usage

PVC new non – toxic auxiliary heat stabilizer

Stearyl Benzoylmethane has high transmittance, non-toxic and tasteless; and solid or liquid calcium / zinc, barium / zinc and other heat stabilizer and can greatlyimprove the initial coloring of PVC, transparency, long-term stability, and processing In the precipitation and “zinc burning” and so on; it ischaracterized by zinc soap has a good synergistic effect, the formula added to the product can effectively inhibit the “zinc burn”, suitable for hard, non-toxic, odorless areas of implementation, promote calcium / Zinc composite stabilizer replacement, widely used in medical, food packaging and other non-toxic transparent PVC products (such as PVC bottles, sheet, transparent film, etc.).

Stearyl Benzoylmethane (SBM-50) is used as auxiliary heat stabilizer for calcium zinc, barium zinc and PVC stabilizer to prevent zinc burning, to solve PVC pre-coloring and improve weather resistance, can be used for food, drug contact PVC material.

Stearoyl benzoyl methane Packaging


Stearoyl benzoyl methane Storage

Store in a cool dry place, to prevent moisture, heat. Do not damage the packaging when handling.

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