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Stannous pyrophosphate CAS 15578-26-4

Chemical Name: Stannous pyrophosphate

CAS No.: 15578-26-4

Appearance: White powder



Stannous pyrophosphate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Stannous pyrophosphate
CAS No.: 15578-26-4
Molecular Fomula: O7P2Sn2

Chemical Structure:Stannous pyrophosphate

Molecular weight: 411.36

Appearance: White powder


Stannous pyrophosphate Typical Properties

Assay ≥99.0%
Density 4,01 g/cm3
Melting point 400°C (dec.)

Stannous pyrophosphate application:

  1. Used in electroplating industry: tin plating for cyanide-free electroplating;
  2. Used in the toothpaste manufacturing industry: used as a filling agent for toothpaste, slightly dissociated in toothpaste, and has a certain effect on preventing dental diseases;
  3. Used in printing and dyeing industry Chemicalbook industry: used for dyeing;
  4. Used in the ceramic industry: for refining clay;
  5. Used in the paint industry: Appropriate addition in the paint industry can slow down the settling speed of the paint filler in the paint and improve the performance of the paint.

Stannous pyrophosphate Packaging and Shipping 


Stannous pyrophosphate Storage

Keep cool and seal.

keep away from fire.

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