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sodium petroleum sulphonate t702 cas 68608-26-4

Assay: 55% 60% 65%

Appearance: Brown semitransparent dope

Capacity: 6000MT per year

Packaging: 200kg/drum

Sample: available

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Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702

Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Quick Details

Chemical Name: Sodium Petroleum sulphonate

CAS: 68608-26-4

Appearance:Brown semitransparent dope

Assay: 55-65 %

Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Brown semitransparent dope
Sodium sulfonates (wt%) 55— – 65 %
Mean Molecular Weight 300–450
Mineral Oil (wt%) ≤ 50 %
Volatile, (wt%) ≤ 5 %
Water, (wt%) ≤4 %
Inorganic Salts ,(wt%) ≤ 5 %
Ph 7-9

Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Usage
1. This product has strong hydrophilicity and rust resistance as well as unique anti-scaling and descaling effects. It can be used as a surfactant for metal cutting emulsified oil, and as a rust preventive additive when producing anti-rust grease. The main thing is that it can be used as one of the main preparation materials for descaling and anti-scaling in boiler descaling and anti-scaling and other series of waterways.

2. This product can also be produced into a series of sulfonates for petrochemical, oilfield mining and other aspects.

Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702 Packaging


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