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Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate CAS 141-33-3

Chemical Name: Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate

CAS No.: 141-33-3

Appearance: yellowish or pale grey powder




Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate

CAS No.: 141-33-3

Molecular Fomula: C5H9NaOS2

Chemical Structure:Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate

Molecular weight: 172.24

Appearance: yellowish or pale grey powder


Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate  Typical Properties

Product Name: Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate
Synonyms: butyl xanthic acid, sodium salt;Carbonodithioic acid, O-butyl ester, sodium salt;Carbonodithioic acid,O-butyl ester,sodium salt;dithiocarbonic acid, o-butyl ester sodium salt;sodium butyl xanthate (non-specific name);Sodium n-butyl xanthate;sodium o-butyl carbonodithioate;Dithiocarbonic acid O-butyl S-sodium salt
CAS: 141-33-3
MW: 172.24
EINECS: 205-481-2

Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate application:

Sodium (Potassium) butyl xanthate is a stronger collector.It is used in bulk flotation of various nonferrous metallic sulfide minerals. Sodium (Potassium) butyl xanthate is especially fit for the flotation of chalcopyrite,sphalerite and pyrite.Under the proper conditions, it can be used in the selective flotation of copper sulfide minerals from iron sulfide minerals and in the flotation of sphalerite after activation with copper sulphate.
Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate Packaging and Shipping

Bag, 25kg

Sodium O-butyldithiocarbonate Storage

It should be placed Store in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse

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