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silver chloride cas 7783-90-6

Chemical Name: Silver chloride

CAS No.:7783-90-6

Molecular Fomula: AgCl

Molecular weight:143.32



Silver chloride quick Details

Chemical Name: Silver chloride

CAS No.:7783-90-6

Molecular Formula: AgCl

Molecular weight:143.32

Silver chloridetypical Properties

Item Standard Results
Content% ≥99.5 99.6
Cu % ≤0.005 0.003
Bi% ≤0.005 0.002
Pb % ≤0.004 0.002
Soluble chloride% ≤0.001 0.001
Nitrate% ≤0.001 0.001
Conclusion Qualified

Silver chlorideApplication

Analytical reagents. Used as a buffer in spectral analysis to increase the sensitivity of rare earth elements. Photometric. Take a photo. plating.

Silver chlorideSpecification

Content % ≥99.5

Cu % ≤0.005

Bi % ≤0.005

Pb % ≤0.004

Soluble chloride % ≤0.001

Nitrate % ≤0.001

Silver chloridePacking

25kg / fiber drum with PE liner


1). Inthesprayingfertilizer period, thecotton boll craze should not early than 60, in case of affecting output and quality.

2). Rainfall after spraying fertilizer will affect the effect, so you’d better notice the weather report.

3). If the product is eaten, absorbed or touched by mistake, it will harm to health and you shouldgo to hospital at once. If it touches skin or eyes, you mustwash in clean water immediately.

4). Donotpollutewateroriginwhen washing containers or deal with waste liquid medicine.

5). The product should be put away from food, feed and children.

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