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quinoline cas 91-22-5

Assay: 96.00%

Appearance: light brown liquid

Capacity: 1500MT per year

Packaging: IBC drum

Sample: Available



Quinoline quick Details

Chemical Name: Quinoline

CAS No.: 91-22-5

Molecular Formula:C9H7N

Quinoline Structure:Quinoline Structure

Molecular weight: 129.16

Appearance: Light brown liquid

Assay: 96%

Quinoline typical Properties

Item Index Results
Appearance Light brown liquid Light brown liquid
Assay ≥96.0 % 97.56%
IsoQuinoline 2%max 1.73%
Quianldine 2%max 1.80%
Xylidines 0.2%max 0.12%
Moisture 1%max 0.11%
BP 234-239℃ 237℃
Density at 20℃ 1.090-1.096g/ml 1.094g/ml

Quinoline Usage

1.Quinoline is used to prepare niacin and hydroxyquinoline drugs, cyanine blue pigment and photosensitive pigment, rubber promoter and pesticide 8-hydroxyquinoline. Oral LD50 was 460mg/kg in rats.

2. Used as organic synthesis reagent, alkaline shrinkage agent and solvent.

3. Used as analytical reagent and solvent, as well as for the separation of vanadate and arsenate.

4. the production of cardiac agents, can also be used in acid, solvents, preservatives; Pharmaceutical industry for the production of niacin and 8-hydroxyquinoline drugs; Used in the printing and dyeing industry to produce cyanine blue pigment and light-sensitive pigment; Rubber industry used for making promoters; Agricultural use in the production of 8- hydroxyquinoline copper pesticides.

Quinoline Packaging and Shipping

Packing: IBC drum

Delivery: by sea, air and courier

Quinoline Storage

Warehouse ventilation and low temperature drying; Store separately from oxidant, acid and food additive

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