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Polylactic acid cas 26100-51-6

Appearance: white crystal

Packing: 25kg/Fiber Drum

Sample: Available





Polylactic acid

Polylactic acid Details

Chemical Name: Polylactic acid

CAS No.: 26100-51-6

Molecular Formula: C3H6O3

Molecular Weight: 90.07794

MolecularStructure:POLYLACTIC ACID Structure

Appearance: white crystal

Polylactic acid Properties

Properties TestMethod TestConditions Unit TestValue
Specificgravity ASTMD-792 23°C g/cm3 1.27
Flowcoefficient ASTMD-1238 190°C/2.16K g/10min 10-30
Tensilestrength ASTMD-638 23°C,50mm/min Kgf/cm2 680
Elongation ASTMD-638 23°C,50mm/min % 12.5
IzodImpactStrength ASTMD-256 23°C,Notched1/8” Kg-cm/cm 8.5
Bendingstrength ASTMD-790 23°C,15mm/min Kgf/cm2 620-650
Heatdistortiontemperature ASTMD-648 1820kpa °C 70

Polylactic acid Usage

1. Polylactic acid (H-[OCHCH3CO]n-OH) has good thermal stability, processing temperature of 170-230 ° C, good solvent resistance, and can be processed in various ways, such as extrusion, spinning, biaxial Stretching, injection blow molding.

2. Used as packaging materials, fibers and nonwovens, mainly used in clothing (underwear, outerwear), industry (construction, agriculture, forestry, paper) and medical and health.

Polylactic acid Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/Fiber Drum

Polylactic acid Storage

Storedin a dark coolventilated and dry environment

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