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Polycarbosilane CAS 62306-27-8

Appearance: Light yellow crystal or white powder


Sample: Available



Polycarbosilane Quick Details:

Chemical Name: Polycarbosilane
CAS No.:62306-27-8

Molecular Formula: (C2H6Si)n

Molecular Weight: 0

It’s a type of polymer compound whose main chain is alternately composed of silicon and carbon atoms. The silicon and carbon atoms are connected with hydrogen or organic groups, and the molecular chain is a linear or branched structure.

PCS is the most important compound among the newly emerged Preceramic polymers among high-tech new materials.

Polycarbosilane Typical Properties

Items Specifications
Softening Point/℃ 180~220
Final melt temperature/℃ /
Melting range/℃ ≤20
The number average molecular weight(Mn) 1000~2000
Dispersion(PD) ≤4
1000 ℃ under N2 protection residual rate of weight/% ≥57

Polycarbosilane Appearance


Polycarbosilane Usage

Used as silicon carbide ceramic polymer precursor.

Polycarbosilane Packaging and Shipping

25 kg /drum


Polycarbosilane Storage

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.

Keep the container sealed.

Keep away from fire and heat.

Polycarbosilane Quality inspection sheet

Powder/ crystal COA


Liquid COA


Polycarbosilane Application

1. Silicon carbide fiber It has excellent properties such as high strength, low density, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti aging, and good compatibility with ceramic matrix, making it a good choice for ceramic matrix composite reinforcement materials

2. Fiber reinforced silicon carbide composite material.

3. In terms of coating: Antioxidant coating (C fiber surface) Anti laser ablation coating

4. Adhesive

5. Hollow ceramic microspheres

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