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platinum cas 7440-06-4

Chemical Name:Platinum

CAS No.:7440-06-4

Molecular Formula:Pt

Molecular Weight:195.08


Appearance: Gray-black powder



Platinum Details

Chemical Name:Platinum

CAS No.:7440-06-4

Molecular Formula:Pt

Molecular Weight:195.08

MolecularStructure:Platinum Structure

Appearance: Gray-black powder

Platinum Typical Properties

Appearance Gray-black powder
Assay 99.5%
Density 21.45 g/cm 3 (lit.)

Platinum Usage

1.As a precious metal it is used extensively in jewelry.

2.Other important applications include construction of laboratory crucibles and high temperature electric furnaces; in instruments as thermocouple elements; as wire; for electrical contacts; as electrodes; in dentistry; in cigarette lighters; and for coating missile and jet engine parts.

3.Platinum also is used extensively as a catalyst in hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, isomerization, carbonylation, and hydrocracking.

4.It is used in organic synthesis and petroleum refining. Like palladium, platinum also exhibits remarkable ability to absorb hydrogen.

5.An important application of platinum is in the catalytic oxidation of ammonia in Ostwald’s process in the manufacture of nitric acid.

6.Platinum is installed in the catalytic converters in automobile engines for pollution control.

Platinum Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 50g/bottle

Platinum Storage

The warehouse is ventilated and dry at low temperature separately from the food materials.

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