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Pivalic Acid Cas 75-98-9


Appearance: White solid

Packaging: 25Kg/drum

Sample: available

Pivalic Acid Cas 75-98-9

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Pivalic Acid

Pivalic Acid quick details:

Chemical Name:Pivalic acid
Cas No 75-98-9
Molecular Fomula:C5H10O2
Molecular weight: 102.13
Appearance: White solid
Assay: Min 99.%

Pivalic Acid Typical Properties

Item Standard
Appearance White solid
Purity ≧99.0%
Water ≦0.3%


Pivalic Acid Usage
Trimethylacetic acid is also known as neovaleric acid, tert valeric acid or TERT valeric acid. Trimethylacetic acid is an intermediate for the production of carbamate insecticide fenpropargyl and herbicide clomazone. Tert butyl peroxide, an initiator prepared from trimethylacetic acid, is a highly efficient initiator for polymerization of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, styrene and acrylate. It is more stable than other peroxide initiators and can be used in aqueous solutions with various ph values and at low temperatures. Trimethylacetic acid derivatives are widely used to introduce tert butyl functional groups into molecules, and can be used as perfume, liquid adhesive, lubricant, humidifier and primary raw materials. Trimethylacetic acid can also be used as raw material for the treatment of arthritis, tuberculosis and psoriasis. It is the key raw material for the production of ampicillin and cefazolin antibiotics trimethylacetyl chloride.

Pivalic Acid Packaging and Shipping:
Delivery:delivery within 7-10 working days

Pivalic Acid Storage:
Avoiding light and drying

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