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Peroxide DBPH CAS 78-63-7

Product name: Peroxide DBPH

Assay: ≥95%

Appearance: Colorless liquid

Package: 25 KG/drum


Peroxide DBPH Quick Details

Other Name: 2,5-Bis(Tert-Butyl Peroxy)-2,5-Dimethylhexanedimethylhexane

CAS No.: 78-63-7

Molecular Fomula: C16H34O4

Molecular Weight: 290.44


Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Liquid
Peroxide content ≥95%
TBHP ≤0.3%
Active oxygen ≥10.47%
Density 9(20℃) 0.870-0.875g/cm³
Refractivity (20℃) 1.420-1.425
DTBP ≤0.1%
TBA ≤0.5%
Color 60Hazen
Fe3+ ≤0.0003%

Peroxide DBPH Usage

1) Rubber crosslinking: Rubber compounds containing BPDH have excellent scorch safety.

2) Controlled rheology polypropylene: BPDH is an efficient peroxide for the degradation of polypropylene(CR-PP) in the temperature range of 200-250℃.BPDH allows polypropylene producers great flexibility in controlling a polymer’s Melt Flow Index(MFI).

Packaging and Shipping

25 KG/drum, or as your requirements.

Peroxide DBPH Storage

1. Store in a cool and ventilated space, the warehouse temperature does not exceed 30℃.

2. Keep away from fire and heat sources. It should be stored separately from acids, reducing agents, combustibles, combustibles, and reducing agents.

3. The lighting and ventilation facilities in the storage room are explosion-proof, and the switches are set outdoors.

4. When handling, please handle with care to prevent damage to packaging and containers, and prohibit impact and vibration. Pay attention to personal protection during sub-packaging and handling.

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