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P-Cymene/Para Cymene 98% CAS 99-87-6

Synonyms: P-Cymene

Appearance: clear, colorless to sightly yellow liquid

Moisture: ≤0.06%

Packing: 208L/drum

Sample: available


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P-Cymene/Para Cymene 98%

P-Cymene/Para Cymene 98% Quick Details:

Chemical Name: Para Cymene 98%

CAS No.: 99-87-6
Chemical Structure: PARA CYMENE 98% CAS 99-87-6

P-Cymene/Para Cymene 98% Typical Properties:

Item Specifications
Specific Gravity D2020 0.8520~ 0.8680
Dioptre(ND20 ) 1.4850~ 1.5000
Moisture % , ≤ 0.06
Content ( GC), % ≥ 95%  98%  99%

P-Cymene/Para Cymene 98% Typical usage:
Used in the preparation of p-cresol and acetone, used as intermediates for dyes, medicines and perfumes. Para Cymene exists in a variety of essential oils and is itself an expectorant, antitussive and antitussive drug.

P-Cymene/Para Cymene 98% Packaging and Shipping:
The product should be packed in clean and odor-free galvanized iron drums. When using 208L drums, the net weight of each drum is 175kg.

P-Cymene/Para Cymene 98% Storage:
This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, away from fire and heat sources. Avoid direct sunlight and do not store it together with strong oxidants. According to flammable liquid substances for storage management.

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