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methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane cas 22984-54-9

Appearance: Colorless or lightly yellow transparent

Purity: ≥70.0%

Packaging: 200L/galvanized steel drum

Sample: Available

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Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane Quick Details

Product name:Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane; MTO

Cas No.: 22984-54-9

Molecular formula: C13H27N3O3Si

Molecular weight: 301.46

Molecular structure:Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane structure

Appearance: Colorless or lightly yellow transparent

Purity: ≥70.0%

Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane Typical Properties

Typicalcharacteristics Value
Appearance Colorless or lightly yellow transparent
Purity ≥70.0%
Densityat25℃ 0.99g/ml
Boilingpointat17mmHg 110~112℃
Flashpoint 90℃

Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane Properties

1. Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silaneis oxime silane-based crosslinkers for producing neutral moisture-curing silicone sealants. Using these silane compounds, hydroxyl-functionalized silicone polymers are crosslinked to obtain a silicone elastomer under the effect of a catalyst and moisture. When using D-33, no acetic acid or amine is released in contrast to acid or alkaline cross- linking systems, but methyl ethylketoxime. As this cleavage product reacts neutrally, sealing compounds based on crosslinker oxime can be used even on sensitive substrates such as marble.

2. Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silaneis a clear colorless to pale yellow fluid with a typical smell (MEKO).The product readily hydrolyzes upon contact with moisture.

Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane Application

1. Be used as a cross-linking agengt for RTV.

2. Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silaneis often the main crosslinker of choice for oxime silicone sealants and can be used by itself or in combination with other oximesilanes to provide the sealant with targeted properties (such as desired cure rate, adhesion, etc). In contrast to acidic or basiccuring systems, no acidic acid or amine, but 2-butanoneoxime is liberated during application. Due to the neutral character of 2-butanoneoxime, sealants based on D-33 can be applied even on (corrosion) sensitive substrates like metals or marble.

Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane Packaging and Shipping

Packing:200L/galvanized steel drum

Delivery:with in 5-7 working days.

Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane Storage

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Keep the container sealed. Should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, and food chemicals.

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