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Lysozyme CAS 12650-88-3

Enzymatic Activity: ≥2,000000u/g
Appearance: yellow or white powder
Capacity: 50tons/month
Packaging: 25kgs/drum
Sample: available

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Lysozyme Quick Details

Name: Lysozyme

CAS: 12650-88-3

Molecular Formula:C125H196N40O36S2

Molecular weight : 2899.27014


Appearance:yellow or white powder

Chemical Structure: Lysozyme CAS 12650-88-3

Lysozyme Typical Properties

Appearance Powder PASS
Colour Light yellow or white PASS
Odour Normal fermentation odour PASS
Loss on Drying % ≤8.0 4.9
Particle Size(Passing through 0.4mm sieve) % ≥80 85
Enzymatic Activity u/g ≥2,000000 2,112000
Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg ≤5 0.08
Lead (in Pb) mg/kg ≤5 0.22
Arsenic (in As) mg/kg ≤3 0.12
Total viable count cfu/mL ≤50,000 1500
Coliforms cfu/g ≤30 Absent
E.coli Absent /25 g or mL Absent
Salmonella Absent/25 g or mL Absent
Mould cfu/mL ≤200 28
Yeast cfu/mL ≤200 30
Unit Definition:Activity is expressed by u/g , complies with the specifications of FCC and JEFCA.

Lysozyme Packing:

Packing:25kgs/drum,9tons/20’container with pallets

Lysozyme Application:

1)Application in medicine: it is mainly used for various kinds of mucositis, such as paranasal sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, acute and chronic pharyngitis, lichen planus, oral ulcer, exudative otitis media, dermatology such as herpes zoster, verruca plana, varicella, etc., and also for asthmatic tracheitis, ulcerative colitis, mumps, etc. It is better to use this product together with antibacterial drugs. Application in biotechnology: lysozyme has the function of destroying the structure of bacterial cell wall. Lysozyme can obtain protoplast after destroying the cell wall of G + bacteria. Therefore, it is widely used in biotechnology and becomes an indispensable tool enzyme for cell fusion in genetic engineering and cell engineering.
2)Application in aquatic products and meat products: in view of the non-toxic and harmless characteristics of lysozyme, and the decomposition of G + cell wall, it is applied to aquatic products and meat products. On the premise of ensuring that the original nutritional components of food are not lost, can keep aquatic products and meat products fresh and antiseptic; use lysozyme to combine with sodium chloride and nitrite Using 0.05% lysozyme in combination with phytic acid polyphosphate and glycine can prolong the shelf life of seafood and aquatic products.
3)Application in other foods: cream cake is one of the foods prone to spoilage. Adding lysozyme to cake can prevent spoilage caused by microorganisms; applying lysozyme to food preservation has obvious effect. At the same time, according to lysozyme is non-toxic, harmless and has health care effect, has anti infection and enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics, and promotes blood coagulation and hemostasis and tissue regeneration, now some people try to use it as an additive in food to enhance the health care effect of food.

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