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Lithium Methoxide CAS 865-34-9

Appearance: Liquid & powder

Sample: available



Quick details:
Lithium methoxide 10% solution
Chemical composition: Lithium methoxide 10% solution
Molecular formula: CH3LiO
Molecular weight: 37.975
CAS NO : 865-34-9


Test Specification
Appearance Colorless transparent solution
LiOCH3 9.8%- 10.2%
LiOH ≤0.01 %
Methanol 89%-90%

transport liquid

This product is methanol solution of lithium methoxide. It is mainly used as a condensation agent and a strong base catalyst in organic synthesis reactions, and as a methoxylating agent for the preparation of vitamins and sulfadiazine drugs. A small amount is used in pesticide production. It can also be used as a catalyst for edible fatty oilsperformance does not affect, do not spray cream. The amount of natural rubber used in the 0.05 to O. 5%, in the amount of styrene butadiene rubber is 0.5-3. O%.

Stable under normal temperature and pressure, avoid contact with oxidants and water.

170 kg drum. ISO tank.

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