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l(+)-tartaric acid cas 87-69-4

Assay: 99.7 % – 100.5 %

Appearance: Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder

Capacity: 10000MT per year

Packaging: 25Kg/bag

Sample: available

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L(+)-Tartaric acid

L(+)-Tartaric acid Quick Details

Chemical Name: L(+)-Tartaric acid

CAS No.: 87-69-4

Molecular Fomula: C4H6O6

Molecular weight: 150.09

Chemical Structure:L( )-Tartaric acid Structure

Appearance: Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder

Assay: 99.7-100.5%

L(+)-Tartaric acid Typical Properties

Item Specification
Description Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder
Content % 99.7~100.5
Specific rotatory powder [a]D25[(°)·dm2kg-1] 12.0~ 13.0
Loss on drying % ≤0.5
Residue on ignition % ≤0.05
Sulfate (SO4) Passes test
Oxalate Passes test
Lead mg/kg ≤2

L(+)-Tartaric acid Usage

As an antioxidant added to foods, foods can be sour. The largest use of tartaric acid is in beverage additives. It is also a raw material for the pharmaceutical industry. In the mirror industry, tartaric acid is an important auxiliaries and reducing agents that control the rate of formation of silver mirrors and achieve a very uniform coating.
Pharmaceutical intermediates, resolving agents; metal ion masking agents; anti-dyeing agents; chiral building blocks for natural products, also forming Diels-Alder catalysts with compound TiCl2(O-i-Pr)2
Used as a biochemical reagent, masking agent and beer foaming agent, also used in the tanning industry
L( )-tartaric acid is widely used as a sour agent in beverages and other foods for wines, soft drinks, confectionery, bread, and some gelatinous confections. Mainly used as a sour agent, a resolving agent and a pharmaceutical raw material

L(+)-Tartaric acid Packaging and Shipping

25kgs per bag

L(+)-Tartaric acid Storage

dry cool place.

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