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Guaiacol CAS 90-05-1

Appearance: Pale yellow oily liquid

Purity: 98%min

Packaging: 200/drum

Capacity: 2000MT/year

Sample: Available

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Guaiacol Quick Details

Chemical Name: Guaiacol

CAS NO: 90-05-1

Molecular Formula: C7H8O2

Molecular Weight: 124.14

Chemical Structure: Guaiacol 90-05-1 structure

Guaiacol Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Color Pale yellow oily liquid
Aroma Unique flavor aroma, microstrip phenol breath
Specific gravity (25 ℃) 1.100~1.150
Refractive index 1.530~1.550
Phenol (GC %) <1
Water (GC %) <1
Neutral oil (GC %) <1
content Guaiacol (GC %) ≥98

Guaiacol Usage

1. Used in pharmaceutical, dyestuff and perfume intermediates.

2. It is mainly used for making coffee, vanilla, smoked tobacco and tobacco flavor.

3. It is used for the synthesis of dyes, and also as analytical reagent.

4. It is used in medicine to make calcium guaiacol sulfonate and vanillin in perfume industry.

5. Used for testing copper, hydrocyanic acid and nitrite.

Guaiacol Packaging and Shipping


Guaiacol Storage

It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.

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