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Ferrocene CAS 102-54-5

Chemical name: Ferrocene

CAS No. :102-54-5

Appearance: orange powder



Chemical name: Ferrocene


Molecular formula: C10H10Fe

Molecular weight: 186.03

Molecular structure:Ferrocene 102-54-5

CAS No. :102-54-5

Appearance: orange powder

Melting point: 172-174 °C (lit.)

Chemical Properties

Ferrocene is a crystal with orange needle-like structure that sublimates at temperatures higher than 100℃ and melts at 172.5-173℃. Its boiling point is 249℃. It is soluble in dilute nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, benzene, ether, petroleum ether and tetrahydrofuran and generates bluish fluorescence-containing deep red solution in dilute nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid. It is insoluble in water, 10% sodium hydroxide and hot concentrated hydrochloric acid, and it remains stable in air. Ferrocene has a strong property of UV absorbing and great thermostability, withstanding heating up to 470℃. It has a camphor-like scent and can be evaporated with water vapor. Ferrocene is neither dissolved nor decomposed in boiling solutions of these solvents.


Ferrocene and its derivatives have various applications in different fields. It can be used as additives in rocket fuel, antiknock agent in gasoline, curing agent in rubber and silicone resin, and ultraviolet absorber. It can also be used in the production of metal-containing polymers and as a coating material for spacecraft. Ferrocene has a smoke abatement and combustion facilitating effect, which can reduce smoke production and increase power efficiency in fuel. It can also be used as an iron fertilizer for plants and as a pesticide. Ferrocene derivatives have applications as antioxidants, stabilizers, catalysts, and promoting agents in different industrial and organic synthesis processes. Addition of ferrocene to fuels such as diesel, gasoline, heavy oil, and coal can decrease the fuel consumption rate and reduce smoke production. Overall, ferrocene has unique characteristics that make it suitable for various applications in different fields.

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