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Eosin Y/ Acid Red 87 Cas 17372-87-1

Appearance: Reddish

Packaging: 25kg/bag or according to customer requirements.

Sample: Available

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Eosin Y Quick Details

Chemical Name: Eosin Y; Eosin; Eosin yellowish

Other Name: Acid Red 87

CAS No: 17372-87-1

Molecular Formula: C20H6Br4Na2O5

Molecular Weight: 691.85

Eosin Y Structure:Eosin Y Structure

Eosin Y typical Properties

Item Specifications Results
Maximum absorption wavelength, nm 510.0~518.0 512.0
Mass absorption coefficient,L/cm·g ≥115.0 117.5
Sensitivity test qualified
Water dissolution test qualified
Loss on drying ≤9.0 6.0
Halide (in terms of bromine) ≤2.0 1.0

Eosin Y Usage

Photovoltaic devices, colorfilter, nanoscale host material, detection of latent fingerprints, inks, detergents, hairdyes, cosmetics, implantable drug delivery devices, stents, diagnosis of breast lesions, labeling nucleic acids, detecting Proteins, stress biomarkers, phosphoprotein, breast cancer metastasis, antimicrobial agent, treatment of burns, endodontic, diabetes, obesity, cancer,radiochemotherapy, DNA sequencing, gene expression profiling, wound healing promoters

Eosin Y Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/bag or according to customer requirements.

Delivery: Sea or air

Eosin Y Storage

Store in a cool dry place, to prevent moisture, heat. Do not damage the packaging when handling.

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