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Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate cas 577-11-7


Appearance: Light yellow to colorless liquid

Capacity: 10000MT per year

Packaging: 200kg/plastic drum ;IBC drum

Sample: Available

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Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate

Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Docusate sodium; Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate

CAS No.: 577-11-7

Molecular Fomula: C20H37O7S.Na

Molecular weight: 444.56

Appearance: Yellowish to colorless liquid


Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate Typical Properties

Items Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate 40% Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate 50% Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate 70% Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate 75%
Appearance at 25 ℃ Yellowish to colorless liquid Yellowish to colorless liquid Yellowish to colorless liquid Yellowish to colorless liquid
Content % 40±2 50±2 70±2 75±2
PH 5.0-7.0 5.0-7.0 5.0-7.0 5.0-7.0
Specific gravity at 25 ℃ 1.05-1.15 1.05-1.15 1.05-1.15 1.05-1.15

Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate Usage

1. Easily soluble in water, the solution is milky white, not resistant to strong acids, strong bases, heavy metal salts and reducing agents. It penetrates quickly and evenly. It has good wetting, penetrating, emulsifying and foaming properties. The penetration effect is the best when it is below 40℃, and it is easy to hydrolyze when it meets alkali at high temperature. The penetrant T is not resistant to strong alkalis and cannot be added directly to concentrated alkaline solution. The penetrant T should be added after diluting the alkaline solution.
2. This product is a highly effective penetrant, used to treat cotton, hemp, viscose and its blended products. The treated fabric is directly bleached or dyed without scouring, which can improve the dyeing defects caused by dead cotton. The fabric feels softer and fuller. When practicing green bleaching, the dyestuff should be withdrawn first to ensure the penetration effect.
3. If there is too much foam when penetrating agent T is used, a small amount of defoamer, GP or octanol, tributyl phosphate and other defoamers can be added.
4. Used for dyeing raw cotton; used for pesticide wettable powder

Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate Packaging and Shipping

50kg or 200kg/plastic drum ;IBC drum

Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate Storage

As common chemicals; store in dry and ventilated place; Expiration date: 2 year

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