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Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA) cas 68479-98-1

Assay: ≥98%

Appearance: Light yellow to amber transparent liquid


Sample: Available

Capacity:300 Ton/Tons per Month

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Diethyltoluenediamine(DETDA) Quick Details

Chemical Name: Diethyltoluenediamine(DETDA)

CAS No.: 68479-98-1

Molecular Fomula: C11H18N2

Molecular Weight:178.28

Chemical Structure:Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA) Structure

Appearance: Light yellow to amber transparent liquid

Assay: ≥98%

Diethyltoluenediamine(DETDA) Typical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance Light yellow to amber transparent liquid
Density/g/cm³ 1.013~1.022
Amine value/mgKOH/g 620-630
Boiling point(760mmHg)/℃ 301~308
Flash point/℃ >135
Water/% ≤0.15
Viscosity(25℃)/mPa.s 155~160

Diethyltoluenediamine(DETDA) Usage

DETDA is a kind of steric aromatic diamine chain extender, a low-viscosity, non-toxic, odorless liquid. In PU, it can enhance the product’s strength and hydrolysis resistance, which enhances the production efficiency and makes the industrialization of complex PU products impossible. Quick reaction speed of DETDA and isocyanate is particularly applied to solvent-free, fast-curing coating. Moreover, it also can be used as epoxy, alkyd resin curing agent, rubber and oil antioxygen, dye and pesticide intermediate, and is a kind of new promising chemical product. It is mainly applied to RIM PU system and PU (urea) elastomer coating system, with quick reaction speed, short demoulding time, high initial strength, hydrolysis resistance, heat resistance, etc. Moreover, it also can be used as the elastomer, chain extender for reaction injection moulding PU, PU coating, epoxy resin, and alkyd resin curing agent. lubricant and pesticide, dye intermediate, plastic, rubber, oil antioxygen, and chemical synthetic intermediate.

Diethyltoluenediamine(DETDA) Packaging and Shipping


Diethyltoluenediamine(DETDA) Storage

Keep the seal and keep it under low temperature and dry condition.

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