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Dichloromethylphenylsilane CAS 149-74-6

Assay: ≥99%
Appearance: Clear liquid with acid odor of hydrogen chloride
Packaging: 240kg/drum
Sample: available

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Dichloromethylphenylsilane Quick Details:
Product name: Dichloromethylphenylsilane
CAS No.:149-74-6
MF: C7H8Cl2Si
Molecular structure:Dichloromethylphenylsilane CAS 149-74-6

Dichloromethylphenylsilane Standard:

Item Standard Results
Appearance Clear liquid with acid odor of hydrogen chloride Clear liquid with acid odor of hydrogen chloride
Purity (GC) ≥99% 99.32%
PCB 0.5 PPM max N.D.

Dichloromethylphenylsilane Applications
It is widely used for the synthesis of silicone.
It is used for the polymerization of phenyl silicone oil and silicone rubber to improve the heat resistance or low temperature resistance of silicone oil and silicone rubber. It is one of the important monomers of silicone.

Dichloromethylphenylsilane Packaging and Shipping:
Delivery:Within 3-5 days once got your payment

Dichloromethylphenylsilane Storage:
Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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