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Delta-gluconolactone CAS 90-80-2

Product name: Delta-Gluconolactone

Assay: 99%

Appearance: white Powder

Capacity: 2000mt/year

Packaging: 25kg /Bag; 25kg/drum

Sample: available



Delta-Gluconolactone Quick Details

Chemical Name: delta-Gluconolactone

CAS No.: 90-80-2

Molecular Fomula: C6H10O6

Molecular Weight: 178.14

Chemical Structure:delta-Gluconolactone CAS 90-80-2

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Purity: 99.0%-100.5%

Typical Properties

Item Specifications Results
Identification Positive Conforms
GDL 99.0%-100.5% 99.54%
Characteristics White crystalline powder, almost odorless Conforms
Moisture ≤0.5% <0.3%
Reducing substances(as sugar) ≤0.5% <0.5%
As ≤1ppm <1ppm
HeavyMetals ≤10ppm <10ppm
Lead ≤2ppm <1ppm
SulphateAsh ≤0.1% <0.1%
Aerobe Max50/g Conforms
Yeast Max10/g Conforms
Mold Max10/g Conforms
Ecoli Notavailableat10g Conforms
Salmonella Notavailableat25g Conforms
Conclusion TheresultsconformswithEnterprisestandards

Delta-Gluconolactone Usage

Used as the raw material of bean curd solidifying agent, flavoring agent, pH reducing agent, and leavening agent. Using this product to make tofu, the texture is pure, tender, and delicious, and can extend the preservation time. Gluconate is used in the milk industry to prevent the formation of laccolith, in the brewing industry as a beer stone prevention agent, adding toothpaste to help remove tartar, and in addition to animal meat as a metal surface treatment agent.

Delta-Gluconolactone Packaging

1kg/bag, 25kgs/drum or as your request.

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