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cyclopirox Olamine cas 41621-49-2

Product Name: Cyclopirox Olamine

CAS No: 41621-49-2

Molecular Formula: C14H24N2O3

Molecular Weight: 268.35

Appearance:White crystalline



Cyclopirox OlamineQuick Details

Product Name:Cyclopirox Olamine

CAS No: 41621-49-2

Molecular Formula:C14H24N2O3

Molecular Weight:268.35

Molecular Structure:Cyclopirox Olamine Structure

Appearance:White crystalline

Cyclopirox OlamineTypical Properties

Items Specifications
Identification absorption Corresponds to that of reference standard
PH 8.0~9.0
Residue on ignition Not more than 0.1%
Heavy metals Not more than 0.001%
Monoethanolamine content Not less than 223 mg and not more than 230 mg per g of ciclopirox olamine
Ciclopirox related compound A Not more than 0.5%
Total impurities Not more than 0.5%
Assay Not more than 97.5 per cent and not more than 101.5 per cent of ciclopirox olamine

Cyclopirox OlamineUsage

Used as an anti-infective drug

Cyclopirox OlaminePackage


Cyclopirox OlamineStorage

Stored in cool dry warehouse away from sunlight and heat

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