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cyclohexylbenzene cas 827-52-1

Density (25℃): 950kg/m3

Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid

Packing: 200Kg/drum ,25kg/drum

Sample: Available


Cyclohexylbenzene Details

Chemical Name:Cyclohexylbenzene

CAS No.:827-52-1

MF :C12H16

MW :160.26

Cyclohexylbenzene Standard

Molecular Weight 160.3
Density (25℃) 950kg/m3
Flash Point 98℃
Melting Point 7℃
Boiling Point 240℃
Refractive Index (nD20) 1.526
Solubility Parameters (25℃) 19.004(J/cm3)0.5

Cyclohexylbenzene Use

Used as high boiling point solvent, penetrating agent, organic synthesis intermediate.

Cyclohexylbenzene Package

Galvanized drum,200Kg/drum ,25kg/drum

Cyclohexylbenzene Storage

It is forbidden to mix with toxic and harmful substances. The product has certain moisture absorption. It should be stored in a sealed way in low temperature, dry, cool and ventilated condition. The shelf life is not open for 24 months.

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