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Cyanuric Chloride Cas 108-77-0

Assay: 99.3%
Appearance: White Powder
Capacity: 10000tons/year
Packaging: 25kg/drum or bag
Sample: available

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Cyanuric chloride Quick Details

Product name: Cyanuric chloride

Synonyms: 2,4,6-Trichloro-1,3,5-triazine; 2,4,6-Trichloro-s-triazine

CAS: 108-77-0

Formula: C3Cl3N3

Molecular weight: 184.41

Chemical Structure:Cyanuric chloride Structure

Appearance: White Powder

Purity: 99.3%

Cyanuric chlorideTypical Properties

Meltingpoint 145-147°C(lit.)
Boilingpoint 190°C(lit.)
Density 1.92
VaporDensity 6.36(vsair)
VaporPressure 0.8mmHg(62.2°C)
Flashpoint 190°C
Storagecondition Refrigerator( 4°C)
Watersolubility reacts
Sensitivity MoistureSensitive
Merck 2699
BRN 124246
Stability Stable.Incompatiblewithstrongoxidizingagents,water.

Cyanuric chloride Usage

1.Cyanuric chloride production efficiency, low toxicity are triazine herbicides, insecticides important intermediates, as well as the production of reactive dyes intermediates, can be used as synthetic resin, rubber, polymer antioxidant, cyanide aldehyde resin, photosensitive agents, fluorescent whitening agents, adhesives, various raw materials of medicinal drugs.

2. for the synthesis of fluorescent whitening agents, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc.

3.cyanuric chloride production efficiency, low toxicity are important intermediate for triazine herbicides and pesticides, as well as production of fluorescent brighteners, polyester and other synthetic fibers dyed with reactive dyes intermediates . Also used in synthetic resin, rubber, polymer antioxidants, explosives, textiles shrink-proof agent and surfactant aspects of production.

4.cyanuric chloride is an important fine chemical products, with a wide range of uses, it is intermediate in pesticide industry, the manufacture of reactive dyes raw materials, do all kinds of industrial production of organic additives, such as fluorescent whitening agents, textiles shrink-proof agent, surface active agent, is one of the materials used in the manufacture of explosives defense rubber accelerator and also the pesticide industry for the synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs.

Cyanuric chloride Packaging

25k/drum or bag or as request.

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