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Cobalt Octoate CAS 136-52-7

Chemical Name: Cobalt Octoate

CAS No.: 136-52-7

Molecular Formula: C16H30CoO4

Molecular Weight: 345.34

Appearance: Blue-violet Liquid



Cobalt Octoate Details

Chemical Name: Cobalt bis(2-ethylhexanoate); Cobalt Octoate

CAS No.: 136-52-7

Molecular Formula: C16H30CoO4

Molecular Weight: 345.34

Molecular Structure:Cobalt bis(2-ethylhexanoate) CAS 136-52-7

Appearance: Blue-violet Liquid

Typical Properties

Product Name: Cobalt Octoate
CAS No.: 136-52-7 Quantity 1000KG
Rep Date May.03.2019 Batch NO. 20190503
MFG. Date May.03.2019 Expiry Date May.02.2021
Items Standard Results
Appearance Blue-violet Liquid Qualified
Metal Content % 4.0-12.0 Abt.12
Dissolving in the solvent Dissolve completely Qualified
Stability of Solution Transparent and no educt Qualified
Tenuity(μm) ≤15 Qualified
Conclusion All items are in conformity with the technical grade test.


Cobalt Octoate Usage

1. Mainly used as drier for paints and inks, curing accelerator for unsaturated polyester resins, polyvinyl chloride stabilizers, polymerization catalysts

2. Widely used as a drier in the paint industry and high-end color printing industry

3. Cobalt octoate is a catalyst with strong oxygen transport capacity to promote the drying of the film. Among the similar catalysts, it has the strongest catalytic dry performance and is suitable for high-grade, white or light-colored paints and light-colored unsaturated polyester resins.

Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 190kg/drum

Cobalt Octoate Storage

Stored in a cool dry ventilated place

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