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chlorocresol cas 59-50-7

Assay:  98.0-102%

Appearance: White or off- white crystaline powder

Package: 25kg/drum

Capability: 5 tons per month




Chlorocresol Quick Details

Chemical Name: Chlorocresol

CAS No.: 59-50-7

Synonyms:4-Chloro-3-methylphenol, 4-Chloro-m-Cresol, para-Chloro-meta-cresol,

Molecular Formula: C7H7ClO

Molecular Weight: 142.6

Appearance: White or off- white crystaline powder

Assay: 98%

Chlorocresol Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White or off- white crystaline powder
Identification UV,IR sulfate test
Loss on drying ≤2.0%
Related substances No spots ≥0.5%
Total ≤2.0%
Melting Point About 240℃
PH 3.5~5.5
Sulphated ash ≤0.2%
Lead ≤20ppm
Chloride ≤350ppm
Assay 98.0-102%

Chlorocresol Usage

1. It is frequently used in–Personal care products, antibacterial soap, shampoo, Liquid soap, laundry detergent and deodorant soap, etc

2. Household institutional disinfectant and cleansers, Public hospital Hygiene.

3. Other fields such as leather, metal machining liquid, concrete, film, glue, textile, oiled, paper, etc.

Chlorocresol Package and Storage

20kg/cardboard drum with PE inner bag.

Keep container tightly closed.

Store in a col, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.

Shelf life:2 years

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