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chlorobutanol cas 1320-66-7

Appearance:White microcrystalline powder


Capacity: 300tons/year

Packaging: 25kg/fiber drum, or customized

Sample: Available

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Chlorobutanol Quick Details

Product Name:Chlorobutanol/Chlorobutanol anhydrous/Chlorobutanol  hemihydrate

CAS No: 1320-66-7/57-15-8

Molecular Formula:C4H7Cl3O

Molecular Weight:177.46

Molecular Sturcture:Chlorobutanol Structure

Appearance:White microcrystalline powder


Chlorobutanol Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White microcrystalline powder
Meltingpoint 74~78℃
Water 4.5%~5.5%
Assay 98.0%~101.0%
Solubility Soluble in hot water,1g soluble in 1ml of ethanol and 10ml glycerol,soluble in chloroform,acetone,petroleum ether,glacial acetic acid,and oils
Sulphated ash <0.1%
Residue on ignition <0.1%
Chlorides <100PPM
Residual solvents <0.5%
Appearance of solution Not more opalescent than reference suspension Ⅱ and not more intensely coloured than reference so-lution BY5
Acidity Not more than 1.0ml of 0.01M sodium hydroxide/2g

Chlorobutanol  Usage

1.Trichlorotert-butanol was originally used as an antimicrobial preservative at a concentration of 0.5% (W/V) in ophthalmic preparations or injectable formulations.

2.It is now commonly used as bacteriostatic agents in adrenalin solutions, posterior pituitary extracts and eye preparations used to treat pupil constriction.

3.It is particularly suitable for use as a fungicide in non-aqueous preparations.

4.Trichlorotert-butanol is also used as a preservative in cosmetics, as a plasticizer in cellulose ethers and esters, and as a mild sedative and local analgesic in treatment.

5.Trichlorotert-butanol is volatile and easy to sublimate.It can be catalyzed by hydroxide ion in aqueous solution.

6.The stability is good at pH3, but decreases with increasing pH.The half-life of trichlorotert-butanol stored at 25℃ at pH7.5 is about 3 months.

7.At room temperature, 0.5% (W/V) of trichlorotert-butanol solution is nearly saturated, and if the temperature drops, crystals may be precipitated from the solution.

Chlorobutanol Package

25kg/fiber drum, or according to customer requirements

Chlorobutanol Storage

Stored in sheltered dryanddark place

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