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Chloroacetyl Chloride CAS 79-04-9

Appearance:Colorless liquid


Chloroacetyl chloride Details
Chemical Name:Chloroacetyl chloride

Synonyms: Chloroacetic ahloride; Chloroacetylchloride; Monochloroacetyl chloride
CAS No.: 79-04-9
Molecular Fomula:C2H2Cl2O
Chemical Structure:Chloroacetyl chloride CAS 79-04-9

Molecular weight:112.94
Appearance:Colorless liquid
Chloroacetyl chloride Properties

Item Standard Results
Appearance Clear,Colourless to slightly yellow liquid Colorless liquid
Identification(GC) The retention time of principal peak obtained from sample preparation should correspond to retention time of chloroacetyl chloride peak obtained from resolution solution in the rest of chromatographic purity Confirms
Chloroacetyl chloride purity(GC) 99.0%min 99.60%
Dichloroacetyl chloride 0.5 %max 0.35%
Individual unknown impurity 0.5%max 0.18%
Total impurities 1.0%max 0.40%

Chloroacetyl chloride Usage
1.Mainly used as raw materials for medicines and pesticides, especially for the production of herbicides such as butachlor and alachlor
2.Used to prepare amino acids and other organic compounds
3.Used in medicine, pesticides, and also used as extraction solvents, refrigerants, dye assistants and lubricant additives, etc.

Chloroacetyl chloride Packaging and Shipping
Delivery:Class 6.1+Class 8 dangerous goods

Chloroacetyl chloride Storage
Storage Conditions:Storeinacool,dry,well-ventilated place

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