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Chlorinated EVA CEVA

Assay: 24-30

Appearance: White or light yellow solid

Packaging: 20kg /box

Sample: available

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Chlorinated EVA CEVA

Chlorinated EVA CEVA quick details:

English name: Chlorinated EVA
Abbreviation: CEVA

Chlorinated EVA CEVA Standard:

Item Specification
Appearance White or light yellow solid
Chlorine content % 24 – 30
Viscosity , mpa.s 200 – 400
pH 4.0 – 6.0
Solvent Benzene/ Ester

Chlorinated EVA Usage and Application:

Chlorinated EVA Usage:
Mainly used in the manufacture of flame retardant, wear-resistant heavy-duty anti-corrosive coatings, high grade antiseptics, high-grade inks and plasticizers for high-quality PVC films:
1. In terms of coatings, it can be widely mixed with marine paint, road sign paint, swimming pool paint, chemical equipment, wood decorative paint and cement paint.
2. As a connecting agent, it can be widely used in inks, paints, coatings and other industries. It is especially suitable for composite inks to improve the additional performance of inks on plastic films, so that the inks have bright colors and the patterns printed on the films are bright and transparent.

Chlorinated EVA Application method:
The general use method of this product is to dissolve it in toluene or other solvents to prepare a liquid containing 20-30% of this product, and add it to the ink according to the requirements of the ink formula.
Application suggestion: Please use under the guidance printing ink engineer.

Chlorinated EVA Package:
20kg /box

Chlorinated EVA Storage and transportation
The product has the features of moisture absorption, low softening point, easily blocking and non-flammable. Please do not store or transport together with other product. It should be stored in dry, ventilated in normal temperature warehouse.

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