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Cellulose Diacetate Cas 9035-69-2

Combined acid: 55 %

Appearance: White floc or powder

Packaging: 25kg or 100kg/ bag

Sample: available

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Cellulose diacetate quick Details

Chemicalname:Cellulose diacetate/acetate tow

CAS No.: 9035-69-2

Molecular Formula:C2H4O2

Cellulose diacetatetypical Properties

Item Specifications Test methods
Combined acid% 55.30±0.50 GB/T32117-2015 Appendix A
Inherent viscosity dL/g 1.60±0.10 GB/T32117-2015 Appendix B
Moisture % ≤ 2.0 GB/T32117-2015 Appendix C
Blockage value g/㎡ ≥ 25 GB/T32117-2015 Appendix D
Free acid % ≤0.0050 GB/T32117-2015 Appendix E
Ash ppm 250±10
Color, b ≤ 5.0 GB/T32117-2015 Appendix G
Bulk density g/m³ 0.17~0.30
Fe ppm 2.0±0.5
Conclusion The results conforms withenterprise standards

Cellulose diacetate Usage

It can be used to make non-woven fabrics for cigarette filters, ink pen refills, water absorbing layers and masks for diapers.

Cellulose diacetate description

Cellulose acetate is reacted from cellulose and acetic anhydride, in condition of catalyst and other additives. With acetic acid as solvent, the process of cellulose basically is heterogeneous reaction.

According to the degree of substitution(DS), Cellulose acetate can be commonly classified to cellulose diacetate(DAC) and cellulose triacetate(TAC). Usually, DAC has DS with 2.2-2.5 while TAC has DS with above 2.7.(DS is an average number, It represents the number of –OH which is substituted by –C0CH3)

Attributes of cellulose acetate

§Over 110 years of user acceptance

§Environmentally friendly

§Sound/feel like wood

§Easy to handle process

§Easily bonded with plasticizers, heat and pressure


§Excellent for printing and dyeing


§Natural origin

Cellulose diacetate Packageand Shipping

25kg or 100kg/ bag

Delivery: within 5-7 working days.

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