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Magnesium carbonate CAS 13717-00-5

Chemical Name:Magnesium carbonate

CAS No.:13717-00-5

Appearance: white crystal or powder

Packaging: 25kg/bag/drum

Sample: available



Magnesium carbonate Details
Chemical Name:Magnesium carbonate
CAS No.:13717-00-5
Molecular Formula:CMgO3
Molecular : 84.31
Molecular Structure:Magnesium carbonate CAS 13717-00-5
Appearance:white crystal or powder

Magnesium carbonate Typical Properties
Industrial grade, food grade, electronic grade

Magnesium carbonate Usage
Used in the manufacture of magnesium salts, magnesium oxide, fireproof coatings, inks, glass, toothpaste, rubber fillers, etc., used as flour improvers and bread leavening agents in foods

Magnesium carbonate Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 25kg/bag/drum

Magnesium carbonate Storage

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