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Bismuth subcarbonate CAS 5892-10-4

Appearance: White powder

Assay: 97.6%~100.7%

Packing: 25kg Paper barrel

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Bismuth subcarbonate

Bismuth subcarbonate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Bismuth subcarbonate

CAS No.: 5892-10-4

Molecular Fomula:  C5H11NO2

Chemical Structure:   

Molecular weight: 117.15

Appearance: White powder

Bismuth subcarbonate Typical Properties

Item Specification
Loss on drying ≤1.0%
Chloride ≤0.05%
Alkalies & Alkaline earth ≤1.0%
Copper ≤50.0ppm
Lead ≤20.0ppm
Silver ≤25.0ppm
Arsenic ≤5.0ppm
Limit of Nitrate ≤0.4%
Content (BiO)2CO3 97.6%~100.7%

Bismuth subcarbonate Usage

Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, as an astringent in the pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used as a pearlescent plastic additive, analytical reagent, bismuth salt manufacturing.

Bismuth subcarbonate Package

25kg Paper barrel.

Bismuth subcarbonate Storage

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight.

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