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benzethonium chloride cas 121-54-0

Appearance: White or almost white powder

Purity: 97.0~103.0%

Packaging: 25kg/drum

Sample: Available

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Benzethonium chloride

Benzethonium chloride Quick Details

Chemical Name:Benzethonium chloride

CAS: 121-54-0

Molecular Fomula:C27H42ClNO2

Molecular Weight:448.08

Appearance: White or almost white powder

Purity: 97.0~103.0%

Benzethonium chloride Typical Properties

Item Specifications Results
Appearance White or almost white powder White or almos twhite powder
Assay,% 97.0~103.0 100.4
Meltingpoint,℃ 158~163 158.6~160.9
Lossondrying,% ≤5.0 2.8
Conclusion The results conforms with enterprises tandards

Benzethonium chloride Usage

The cation in the washing powder is used for titration of sulfonic acid anion. The dosage is generally 4 g/week. Low dosage can effectively kill various microorganisms; it has the functions of sterilization and odor. The crystal is very soluble in water and other solvents. It can be used as a disinfectant for household or industrial fungicides in powder or liquid form. It can also be used as a preservative or antibacterial agent for veterinary and specialty medicines for topical application. It is applied according to the guidelines for use and is not corrosive to the environmental surface.

Benzethonium chloride Packaging



Benzethonium chloride

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