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Antarctic krill oil CAS 8016-13-5

Product Name: Antarctic krill oil

CAS: 8016-13-5




Antarctic krill oil Quick Details

Product Name: Antarctic krill oil

CAS: 8016-13-5

Other name: Krill oil/Fish oil/Omega-3 Oil/Krill Oil Omega-3

Antarctic krill oil Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Dark red viscous oil
Odor Light shrimp odor
Total phospholipids ≥42g/100g
Astaxanthin ≥200mg/kg
Omega-3 ≥24%
EPA ≥12%
DHA ≥8%
Moisture and ethanol ≤3%
Peroxide Value ≤2mmol/kg
Saponification Value 180.0±10.0mgKOH/g
Acid Value ≤10mgKOH/g
Total Plate Count <100CFU/g
Coloforms Group <40CFU/g
Yeast Molds <25CFU/g
Salmonella Not Deteced
Staphilococcus Aureua Not Deteced
PCBs <45PPb
Dioxins Furans <1.0ppt
Dioxins-like PCBs <1.5ppt
Lead ≤0.5ppm
Inorganic Arsenic ≤0.5ppm
Cadmium ≤0.5ppm
Mercury ≤0.3ppm
Cr ≤2.0ppm

Antarctic krill oil Usage

The essential components of Antarctic krill oil are Phospholipids, DHA, EPA, Polyunsaturated fatty acid(Omega-3, Omega-6), vitamin A, vitamin E, esterify-type astaxanthin, flavonol from Animalia, trace element, etc.

1. Phospholipids
Phospholipid is a kind of lipoid that is rich in phospholipid root, it is a basic substance for life, and the cell membranes are composed of about 70% protein and 30% phospholipid. It consists of lecithin, lipositol, cephalin, etc, these phospholipids play corresponding functions to human body parts and human organs.

Functions of phospholipid to human body one: emulsification

Functions of phospholipid to human body two: improve intelligence

Functions of phospholipid to human body three: activate cells

The benefits of Omega-3 to the human body:

1). Decreaseillness frequency rate of angiocardiopathy.

2). Esepainofarthritis.

3). Protect skin from ultraviolet rays.

4). Lighten dysmenorrhea.

5). Reduce illness frequency rate of the prostate.

6). Balance human body absorption for Omea-6.

Ingest more Omega3 is very important for humans to maintain health. New research in recent years has found Antarctic krill oil contains very high Omega-3 fatty acids.

Antarctic krill oil packaging

Conventional packaging: 25 kg/ drum, 50 kg/drum, 200 kg/drum with nitrogen, according to customer’s request.

Antarctic krill oil Storage

Storage conditions: To be stored in Cool, dry and ventilated location and protected from light. Shelf life: Two years with proper storage.

Other information

The above information involves our technology secrets about the production of this product, therefore users shall keep it a secret. The above information is believed to be correct but does not purport to be all-inclusive and shall be used only as a guide. Users use this information only as a supplement to other information gathered by them and should make an independent judgment of the suitability of this information to ensure proper use. This information is furnished without warranty, and any use of the product not in conformance with this Product Technical DataSheet, or in combination with any other product or process, is the responsibility of the user.

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