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Ammonium hydroxide CAS 1336-21-6

Appearance:Clear,Colorless liquid
Sample: available

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Ammonium hydroxide

Ammonium hydroxide Quick Details

Chemical Name:Ammonium hydroxide
CAS No.:1336-21-6
Molecular Fomula:H5NO
Chemical Structure:Ammonium hydroxide CAS 1336-21-6

Molecular weight:35.05
Appearance:Clear,Colorless liquid

Ammonium hydroxide Typical Properties

Appearance Clear,Colorless
Assay(nh4oh) Titrimetry 21.3.%
Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Titrimetry 0%
Chloride Titrimetry 12.14mg/L
Heavy Metal as Lead(Pb) 3111B Flame AAS 4.63mg/L
Iron(Fe) 3111B Flame AAS 2.38mg/L
Nitrate(NO3) Spectrophotetry 86.3mg/L
Phosphate(PO4) Spectrophotetry <0.008mg/L
Residue after Ignition Gravimetry 0.08%
Substance Reducing Permanganate Pass
Total Sulfur(as SO4) Spectrophotemetry 7460
Free Chlorine 4500-CI DPD Colorimetric 0mg/L
Ammonia 4500-NH3 F.Phenate 28.1%
Odor Sensory Extremely Pungent
PH Eletrometric 13.04
Turbidity 2130B.Nephelometric 0.73NTU

Ammonium hydroxide Usage
Analysis reagent, neutralizer, alkaloid leaching agent. It is used for the verification and determination of certain elements (such as copper and nickel). Used to precipitate various element hydroxides. Preparation of ammonium compounds, detergent, colorimetric determination.

Ammonium hydroxide Packaging and Shipping

Ammonium hydroxide Storage
It should be placed in cool and dry.



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