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Aluminum glycinate cas 41354-48-7

Assay: 94.0-102.0%

Appearance: A white or almost white powder

Packaging: 20kg/bag

Sample: Available

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Aluminum glycinate

Aluminum glycinate Details

Product Name: Aluminum glycinate

CAS No.: 41354-48-7

Molecular Formula: C2H6AlNO4

Molecular Weight: 135.05

Aluminum glycinate Typical Properties

Test item Specification Test item Specification
Appearance A white or almost white powder Methylene Chloride ,% ≤0.05
Assay ,% 94.0-102.0 Trichloroethylene ,% ≤0.01
Nitrogen ,% 9.90-10.8 Isopropyl alcohol Should Udetected
Mercury (Hg) ,% ≤0.00005 Loss on drying @ 130℃,% ≤12
Benzene ,% ≤0.01 PH value (4% w/v aqueous) 6.5-7.5
Chloroform ,% ≤0.005 Neutralising capacity 25ml 0.1N  HCl after add 0.2g sample the PH value should be greater than 3
1,4-Dioxane ,% ≤0.01 Methylene Chloride ,% ≤0.05

Aluminum glycinate

Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Store in cool place.

Aluminum glycinate Packaging


Aluminum glycinate Application

Used in detergents,electrobath,transdermal patch etc.

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