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Aloe emodin cas 481-72-1

Appearance: Light to dark orange powder

Assay: 95%min

Package: 25kg/drum

Sample: Available

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Aloe emodin

Aloe emodin Quick Details

Chemical Name: Aloe emodin

CAS No.: 481-72-1

Molecular Formula: C15H10O5

Molecular Weight: 270.24

Molecular Structure:Aloe emodin Structure

Appearance: Light to dark orange powder

Aloe emodin Properties

Test Item Specification
Colouration Powder Corresponding to standard 70-120
PbCrO4 90
Loss on drying≤ 0.5%
Residue on Ignition %≤ 0.3%
Assay ≥ 95.0%


Aloe emodin Usage

1. It is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine.

2. It has diarrhea heat, intestinal cooling, cooling blood detoxification, can be used or wine cellar, wine steamed or fried charcoal.

3. It has a bacteriostatic effect on most Gram-positive bacteria and certain Gram-negative bacteria in vitro, and the active ingredient is mainly anthraquinone derivatives.

Aloe emodin Package


Aloe emodin Storage

It is forbidden to mix with toxic and harmful substances. The product has certain moisture absorption. It should be stored in a sealed way in low temperature dry cool and

ventilated condition. The shelf life is not open for 24 months.

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