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 Alkylsulfonic Phenyl Ester Cas 91082-17-6

Chemical Name:  Alkylsulfonic Phenyl Ester

CAS No.: 91082-17-6

Appearance: Light yellow liquid




 Alkylsulfonic Phenyl Ester Quick Details

Chemical Name: Alkylsulfonic phenyl ester

Other Name: Phenyl 1-pentadecanesulfonate; Mesamoll; Alkyl Sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester; Sulfonic acids, C10-21-alkane, Ph esters; Alkyl Sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester(T-50)

CAS No.: 91082-17-6

Appearance: Light yellow liquid

 Alkylsulfonic Phenyl Ester Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Proportion D420 1.02-1.06
Flash point 200-215
Color ≤700
Water % ≤0.05
Viscosity mpa.s 90-100
AciditymgKOH/g ≤0.05
Appearance Light yellow liquid

 Alkylsulfonic Phenyl Ester Usage

Alkyl Sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester (T-50) is a transparent oily liquid. In particular, PVC paste resin has good viscosity and viscosity stability, good compatibility and plasticity. High mechanical properties, good electrical properties, stable at low temperature. It can be partially substituted for dioctyl ester and dibutyl ester as the main plasticizer, which can obviously improve the strength and gloss of products. Suitable for PVC artificial leather, soft board, coil, flooring, gloves, cable granules, wallpapers, etc.

 Alkylsulfonic Phenyl Ester Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 200kg/Iron drum

Delivery:Non-dangerous cargo

 Alkylsulfonic Phenyl Ester Storage

Store in dry, ventilated areas to avoid direct sunlight.

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