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Alkyd Resin CAS 63148-69-6

Chemical Name: Alkyd resin

CAS No.: 63148-69-6

Appearance: Yellow Liquid


Alkyd Resin Details

Chemical Name: Alkyd resin

CAS No.: 63148-69-6

Appearance: Yellow Liquid

Alkyd Resin Function

Polyester resins modified with fatty acids or oils are called alkyd resins, and polyesters containing unsaturated double bonds in the macromolecular chain are called unsaturated polyesters. Alkyd resin is a Chemicalbook category of polyester resins. It refers to polyester resins prepared through polycondensation reaction using polyols and polyacids modified with fatty acids (or vegetable oils). The molecular structure is based on the ester of polyol as the main chain. , with fatty acid esters as side chains.

Alkyd resin paint has the characteristics of good film adhesion, brightness and fullness, and has good constructability. However, its coating is soft and has poor water resistance and alkali resistance, so it is often mixed with other resins. Water-based alkyd resin is a kind of chemicalbook resin obtained by water-based alkyd resin. It has corrosion resistance, weather resistance and quick-drying properties. It also has certain flexibility and good impact resistance, and can be widely used as coatings. and adhesives. Due to the introduction of hydrophilic groups, its water resistance is slightly worse than traditional solvent-based alkyd resins.

Alkyd Resin Usage

Alkyd resin is one of the most widely used synthetic resins in the coating industry. As a film-forming substance, alkyd resin can be made into varnishes and colored paints. It can be made into general-purpose paints and industrial-specific paints. According to the oil quality and oil content of alkyd resin, it can be summarized into three uses:
① Dry oil alkyd resin. It automatically oxidizes into a film in the air and can be made into various varnishes, colored paints and various coatings. It has become a very important type of coating in the coating chemical industry.
② Use it with amino resin to make amino alkyd baking paint; use it with urea-formaldehyde resin to make furniture paint with acid catalysis; it can also be used with polyisocyanate to make two-component polyurethane paint.
③Alkyd resin is used as a plasticizer in combination with thermoplastic resins, such as nitrocellulose paint, ethyl cellulose, chlorinated rubber, perchlorethylene resin, etc., to improve the performance of volatile coatings.

Alkyd Resin Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 250KG/Drum

Alkyd Resin Storage

Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Store in cool place.


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