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Acetyl Tributyl Citrate Cas 77-90-7

Product name:Acetyl tributyl citrate

CAS: 77-90-7

Molecular formula:C20H34O8

Molecular weight: 402.48

Appearance: Transparency oily liquid




Acetyl tributyl citrate Quick Details

Product name: Acetyl tributyl citrate

Other Name: ATBC; Tributyl 2-acetylcitrate; Tributyl o-acetylcitrate; tributylcitrateacetate; butyl acetylcitrate; Acetyl butyl citrate; Tributyl acetylicitrate

CAS: 77-90-7

Molecular formula:C20H34O8

Molecular weight: 402.48

Appearance: Transparency oily liquid

Acetyl tributyl citrate Typical Properties

Item Standard Results
Appearance Transparency oily liquid,no visible impurity Pass
Acidity(mg KOH/g) ≤ 0.10 0.05
Density(20℃), g/cm³ 1.045-1.055 1.050
Moisture (%)≤ 0.10 0.05
Chroma,(Pt-Co)≤ 30 15
Flash point (℃) ≥ 204 207
Refractive index(25℃) 1.4410-1.4425 1.4420

Acetyl tributyl citrate Usage

This product is food packaging, medical polyvinyl chloride, precision equipment packaging with vinyl chloride / vinylidene chloride copolymer of the main plasticizer; is vinyl chloride – vinyl acetate copolymer, slow release agent, latex adhesive Plastic agent; also tinplate surface treatment of lubricants, air fresheners, deodorants, an important component of ink.

ATBC in the 1970s has been widely used in medical machinery, and as for the use of PVC plasma bags, infusion tubes, etc., and now to ease the sheet of plasticizer. Currently widely used in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand and other dozens of developed countries, which replaced the original toxic phthalate esters. ATBC can be biodegradable plastic, it can be 90 parts of polylactone, AJI was two 10, anti-blocking agent Siq content of 99%, 7 2 1 diameter, smooth powder C17 a qZ aliphatic phenol amine 1 composition. ATBC can also be made of heat shrinkable stretch film, is made using the above formula 0.13 ~ film. When the ATBC and the average molecular weight of 137,000 polylactide into biodegradable plastic. ATBC can be used as a lubricant, it can make the tinplate pressure when the container surface smooth and beautiful

ATBC is a non-toxic, odorless main plasticizer. ATBC as the main plasticizer, with a strong solubility, oil resistance, light resistance, and a good anti-mildew. It is compatible with most cellulose, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl acetate, etc., and is mainly used as a plasticizer for cellulose resins and vinyl resins. In children’s toys, with the DOP toxicity data is constantly being found, more and more areas prohibit the use of DOP, and ATBC non-toxic, tasteless, transparent and good, low water extraction rate, plasticized plastic products through its excellent performance , Good heat-sealing, secondary processing convenience, especially suitable for children’s toys as the main plasticizer use. In the meat packaging, ATBC non-toxic, can be used as meat packaging materials, and DOP can not be used in high-fat content of food packaging. And ATBC tasteless, will not cause food odor, the plasticized plastic products through its transparent, good printing performance.

In medical products, ATBC non-toxic, water extraction rate is low, the human body is no potential harm, by its plasticized medical products high temperature, low temperature performance. ATBC as an excellent plasticizer not only meet the conditions of non-toxic plasticizer, can also be used in general plastic products. The loss of volatiles with ATBC plasticized cellulosic film is low, and has a relatively strong adhesion to metals compared to DBP-containing cellulose film.

New ATBC plasticizer (acetyl tributyl citrate)

First, ATBC performance characteristics:

ATBC is a widely used citrate ester. Because of its pharmacological safety, especially in the medical, pharmaceutical and food related products in the field is particularly satisfactory. ATBC and polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride – vinyl acetate copolymer has excellent compatibility, is their preferred environmentally friendly plasticizer. ATBC has a good thermal stabilization effect on the resin, which can avoid coloring during processing. ATBC gives the resin excellent low temperature softness. ATBC can also be used for vinyl latex. Compared with DBP, ATBC for plasticizing nitrocellulose film, can give products better resistance to yellowing and bonding properties with the metal.

ATBC can improve the UV resistance of the resin. ATBC and DOP compared to the two of the plasticity of PVC considerable, with ATBC made PVC resin paste viscosity should be significantly lower, even after a long period of storage, the viscosity increase is also very small. At the same time, because of its gelation temperature is higher than DOP5 ℃, extended resin paste storage period.

Second, the application of ATBC

1, in medicine, can be used for dental materials, coated tablets, artificial organs, a variety of treatment systems.

2, in personal supplies, can be used for hair gel, nail polish and so on.

3, in the industrial field, can be used for aluminum foil, canned paint, ink, food packaging, paint coatings, lubricants, plexiglass, safety glass and various resins.

Third, ATBC market outlook

ATBC as a non-toxic plasticizer has a unique function

1, ATBC has very low acute toxicity, mice oral test up to 30g / kg. The recent subacute toxicity test study (90 days) showed that even in the case of ATBC feeding concentrations up to 5%, the liver did not noticeably.

2, ATBC in two days can be biodegradable, so that the risk of ecological accumulation to a minimum.

3, ATBC can almost 1: 1 alternative DOP. Compared with DINP, ATBC use less, the effect is better.

4, with ATBC plasticized PVC, its plasticizing performance and DOP quite.

5, with ATBC plasticized PVC its thermal stability and DINP considerable.

6, with ATBC plasticized products, the smooth surface of its products, no dialysis.

In Europe, concerns about the health risks associated with the use of phthalate plasticizers in infants and young children have been significantly enhanced in recent years (animal experiments have shown that DOP, DINP can cause testicular damage and a series of Liver and kidney adverse effects.) Thus, the European Commission has issued a ban on the use of phthalate plasticizers in infants and young children’s toys (such as baby teeth, plastic dolls, etc.) Since January 1 in the EU member states effective. In Canada, it is also legally prohibited to use phthalate plasticizers in infant toys. In North America, phthalate-based plasticizers for infant toys have also been rejected. For many toy manufacturers, ATBC is a very good alternative, both with excellent plastic properties, and no health concerns. In the United States, the Toy Manufacturers Association has recommended to its members the use of ATBC to replace phthalate plasticizers.

Because of the excellent performance of ATBC, there are many companies abroad to produce this product, and have been in PVC, PVDC food packaging products, and many other areas have been applied. Domestic ATBC consumer market has begun to take shape, but with the continuous improvement of economic development, people’s health and environmental awareness continue to strengthen, especially the relevant laws and regulations of the country continue to improve, ATBC this product market will quickly develop.

Fourth, the application

1. Environmental protection PVC plastic products of the main plasticizer

2. Main plasticizers for vinyl chloride – vinylidene chloride copolymers for food packaging and precision instrument packaging

3. Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer

4. Sustained release agent for plasticizers

5. Latex binder plasticizer

6. Tinplate surface treatment of lubricating oil

7. Air fresheners, deodorants, an important component of ink

Acetyl tributyl citrate packaging

200kg / barrel.

Acetyl tributyl citrate Storage

should be stored in a cool, dry place; transport sunscreen, non-dangerous goods.


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