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3-allyloxy-2-hydroxy-1-propane cas 3147-14-6

purity: 40%min

Appearance: colorless liquid

Packing: 200kg/drum

Sample: Available


3-Allyloxy-2-Hydroxy-1-Propane Details

Chemical Name: 3-Allyloxy-2-Hydroxy-1-Propane,Sodium Salt

CAS No.: 52556-42-0

Molecular Formula: C6H11NaO5S

Molecular Weight: 218.2

Molecular Structure:3-Allyloxy-2-Hydroxy-1-Propane cas 3147-14-6

Appearance: colorless liquid

3-Allyloxy-2-Hydroxy-1-Propane Typical Properties

Density 1.17g/mLat 25°C
Appearance colorless liquid
Purity 40%min
Water Solubility slightly soluble
Stability stable

3-Allyloxy-2-Hydroxy-1-Propane Usage

Used as an additive in pesticides, paints, dyes, papermaking, textile industry, etc.

3-Allyloxy-2-Hydroxy-1-Propane Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 200kg/drum

3-Allyloxy-2-Hydroxy-1-Propane Storage

Store under sealed environment

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